Course 2018

Course 2018

Spring 2018 : Workshops Abroad  


Solothurn, Switzerland

  April 7- 8, 2018                               Man's Health

Booking Contact : Catherine Frachebourg,,  Tel: 0041 79 208 5753 or 0041 32 621 3044


Spring 2018 : Retreat Tao Garden

At Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort, Chiang Mai, Thailand

May 13 - 19 , 2018                   New Lifestyle Course with UHT Basic Practices
May 20 - 26 , 2018                   Man's Health

May 27 - June 2, 2018             Tai Chi I with Universal Tao Basic Practices
June 3 - 9, 2018                       Tai Chi II  & III with Universal Tao Basic Practices



Booking Contact: Mr.Walter Kellenberger Email: , or  Tao Garden Email:


Autumn 2018 : Workshops  Tao Garden


November   4 - 10 , 2018                         New Lifestyle Course with UHT Basic Practices

November  11 - 17 , 2018                        Man's Health

November  18 - 24 , 2018                        Tai Chi I with Universal Tao Basic Practices

November  25 - December 1, 2018         Tai Chi II (Yang style Discharge Form) and

                                                                 Tai Chi III ( Wu style Tendon Form) with UHT Basic

Booking Contact: Mr.Walter Kellenberger Email: , or  Tao Garden Email:




Private Session 3,000 baht Every day

Walter Kellenberger, Senior instructor of the Universal Healing Tao System, has been sharing his expirience for over 30 years at Tao Garden and Abroad in private lesson and weekly courses in May to June and November to December evry year.

Specialize in the Universal Tao Basic Practices:

* Inner Smile Mediation
* Six Healing Sound Meditation
* Microcosmic Orbit
* Taoist secrets of Love (Male)
* Tao Yin (Yoga)
* Iron Shirt Chi Kung (I,II and III)
* Tan Tien Chi Kung
* Elixir Chi Kung
* Buddha Palm
* Tai Chi I (Moving Mediation, Yang Form)
* Tai Chi II ( Discharge Form, Yang Style)
* Tai Chi III (Tendon Form, Wu Style)


For reservation and information please contact:,  Mobile: +66 81 881 3868 , Facebook: walter.kellenberger, Website:   Skype: Walter50


Man's Health

Improve your vitality & Health • Avoid & Cure Prostate Problems • Control Ejaculation become Multi Orgasmic • Become Successful in your (SEX) Life

Cure & Avoid all Sexual Dysfunctions with the Taoist Secrets Sexual Practice with Walter Kellenberger UHT senior instructor

Man Health Retreat UHT practices, Iron Shirt Qi Gong I, Microcosmic Orbit, Healing Love, Multiorgasmic Man, Bone Marrow Nei Kung. In this seminar Walter is teaching breathing exercises,meditation, and physical exercises you will learn us how to guide our sexual energy in order to transform this creative power for the healing of ourselves and our partner.

Fundamental energetic differences exist between men and women. A man’s sexual energy is often difficult to control. The primary reason for this is that nobody has ever taught him how to do it. The Tao of Healing Love gives answers to questions about the “taboo” subject of sexual energy.

In this all male seminar we will practice breathing exercises, meditation, and physical exercises which will teach us how to guide our sexual energy in order to transform this creative power for the healing of ourselves and our partner.

The result of this practice is increased vitality, health, and the rejuvenation and balancing our sexual activity. Increased understanding of our spiritual development on all levels will naturally follow. This intensive seminar promises not to leave any questions unanswered.

New Lifestyle Course at Tao Garden

Taking Care  of Your Health is much more Fun Then Taking Care of Your Sickness

This new lifestyles Course is offered for the first time at Tao Garden,  taught by Senior Teacher and Health Management Adviser Walter Kellenberger.

The combination of learning and practicing of long time proofed Taoist Qi Gong exercise combined with a modern, effective and unique Detox Program at Tao Garden Pakua Clinic will change your perspective: “TAKE Care at Tao Garden of your Health now, otherwise the Illness will take over’’.

In the morning Walter is teaching and practicing with you  Qi Gong Exercises . You get explanation in details why and how to do it, so  you can continue at home. In the afternoon you are undergoing a guided Tao Garden Detox program, either for loosing weight, or cleaning your body to improve your immune system and Happy Life feeling.

Experience how much fun it is to care of your body, share that joy in a group, and go home lighter and inspired.



Tai Chi I &UHT Basic level I & II, TanTien Chi Kung

In this course, we will learn the Tai Chi Qigong 1 form. It is a slow-moving form that improves blood circulation, balance, and  overall health. We will focus on learning how to feel qi during the form, and use that to guide our movements. Other Universal Healing Tao practices that support the form may be introduced, practices such as Tan Tien Chi Kung  and Tao Basice, This Course is good for beginners.

Tai Chi II  Yang Style (Discharge Form)

Tai Chi II is a fast Tai Chi form and is focus on the discharge power Fa Jin. To generate Fa Jin is necessary to have root (earth power, Iron shirt ). The Jin starts from the foot, is commended by the waist (Tan Tien Chi Kung) and manifest in the fingers (tendon power) and discharge through the spine and back (psoas muscle). In the curve seek the straight (tendon power), store, then discharge. Then you are able to follow your hands and achieve a beneficial results. This is called borrowing force to strike the opponent or using four ounces to deflect a thousand pounds.
(Li I-Yu)

Tai Chi III  Wu Style (Tendon Form)

Tai Chi III is a short form with light, agile, round and alive movements. Focus on Tan Tien movements and Tendon stretch’s. Can be done with 4 direction or 8 direction.